Cooktop Cove: Get rid of pesky ants for good with a natural 3-ingredient solution
By Angela Brown
Ants. Those pesky little critters seemingly appear out of nowhere. What seems to be a small clan can quickly multiply. if you've tried to get rid of these pests to no avail, you may want to give this all natural solution a try.
The Gardening Cook put five ant-killer remedies to the test and found that a 3-ingredient mixture of worked almost as well as the store-bought borax-based poison.
To make this natural ant-repellent, you'll need 1 tablespoon of Borax, 1 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup of boiling water.
Combine your ingredients in a pan and let it boil for three minutes.
Once it cools, you can place the mixture on a small lid, in a bowl or soak a cotton ball in the mixture.
Try keeping the borax level to about 1 tablespoon because if the scent is too strong the ants will avoid the mixture.
This solution can take several hours to several days to completely eliminate the ant problem, and you'll likely notice an increase initially as the ants come out to enjoy the poisoned dessert.
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