Get stains (and smells) out of your plastic containers easily and naturally

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If you have a stash of plastic storage containers cluttering your cupboards, you probably have at least a few that are starting to look a little nasty (and maybe smell a little funky too). While these containers are handy for meal prep and storing leftovers, containing all that food can leave an impression on the plastic.
If you want to restore your containers to like new, check out a few of these handy tips from Clean My Space's video below.
Handwash: Skip the dishwasher for regular cleaning. Instead, hand-wash those babies with soap and water. For tough stains, use an old toothbrush to scrub them away.
Make a paste: To remove really tough stains, use a bit of baking soda and water as a scrub.
Soda soak: Get rid of odors by pouring a bit of baking soda into your clean, empty container. Cover with a lid and store overnight. Dispose of the baking soda the next day and rinse out.
Sunshine: Store your clean, empty containers in the sunlight for a few hours to remove odors from your dishes.
Rubbing Alcohol: Foodal recommends using rubbing alcohol to clean tough stains (like tomato sauce) and juice stains. Simply scrub the stained area with rubbing alcohol. If that doesn't work, pour some alcohol into a container and soak your plastic dish. Wash, rinse and dry.
Denture Tablets: If you happen to have a few extra denture tablets lying around, you can use these to bring the sparkle back to those dishes forthwith. Add two tablets to warm water and let it set in the container for about two hours before washing.
It's important to not that plasticware is not meant to last forever. The plastic wears down and becomes unsafe for food. Instead of tossing those old bowls, use them to store items like screws, buttons, and other small items around the house.
WebMD says that heating food in plastic containers could cause the leaching of BPA, which some argue could be toxic. To be safe, skip reheating your leftovers in a plastic bowl and only use them for storage.
Share these tips with your friends to help them keep their Tupperware looking sparkling clean.
Resources WebMD and Foodal
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